Civil Society

ustun-vatandaslik-oduluDr. Argüden is an enterprising force in civil society. As the Chairman of the KalDer (Turkish Quality Association), he initiated new standards of quality in private and public sectors as well as institutions and foundations throughout Turkey. In order to implement and maintain standards of quality to ensure competition on a global standard, he inititated the National Quality Movement which oversaw many permanent changes and programs and also founded numerous awards.

Under the auspices of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, he furthered Turkish -American and Turkish – Canadian business relationships and increased bilateral ties between the countries. Dr. Argüden was among the founders of TEGV (The Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation), established to ensure that contemporary educational methods of teaching were being achieved and maintained on a national basis. He set up the Turkish think-tank TESEV (Economic and Social Studies Foundation) to further support public policy analysis. Dr. Argüden was among the founders of the Private Sector Volunteers Foundation (ÖSGD) established to further promote corporate responsibility and volunteerism. Under his Presidency, the Bosphorus University Alumni Association (BÜMED) garnered widespread support from alumni to elevate the university to be recognized as a model for the role it plays among strengthening civil instutiutions.

He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Turkish Corporate Governance Association and a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the Global Corporate Governance Forum, established by the World Bank and OECD.  He has been selected as the National Representative of UN Global Compact.


“Why are you always the BEST?” and it is perhaps this sentence by a classmate which summarizes the feelings of those who know him well.”
Melih Arat, “Leaders of Change” 2001