Civil Society

kalitekongresi2001Dr. Argüden initiated the National Quality Movement in Turkey in 1998 while he served as the Chairman of the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer). Turkish National Quality Congress became the top European Quality Conference both in terms of number of participants as well as with its agenda setting themes. By 2005, Turkey became the leading country to host the largest number of European Quality Awards.

National Quality Movement aimed to improve the management effectiveness of private, public, and civil society institutions throughout Turkey by promoting TQM philosophy. The National Quality Movement is one of the most effective national programs to extend the use of the Europen Foundation for Quality Management’s Excellence model and could provide an interesting example for other countries as well.

This project extended the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model to all walks of life, from industry to service sectors; from large institutions to very small organizations; from private sector to public sector, and even the NGOs.

The Movement has been instrumental in encouraging and leading many governmental institutions such as Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Education as well as many Turkish conglomerates to implementation of EFQM Excellence Model.

Also, a new Award Category for NGO’s, has been established for the first time in Europe to promote utilization of good governance principles in the NGOs..

Within National Quality Movement, more than 50.000 people have been trained directly and many more through train the trainer programs. Local Quality Days are organized in order to deploy the National Quality Movement country wide. They create an occasion bringing together local entrepreneurs, managers from the public sector, institutions of education and quality volunteers. In the framework of the Local Quality Days, the organizations that have successful practices make presentations in which they share their experiences and promote the National Quality Movement. Furthermore, by means of visits to local authorities, universities and non-profit organizations, KalDer tries to build up new, constructive relationships in terms of the deployment of TQM. Dr. Argüden has been instrumental in establishing an education program and developing content for Civil Society Management Certificate Program, undertaken by one of the leading Turkish Universities, Bosphorus University.