Civil Society

sev_logoSEV Education Foundation comprises of Tarsus American College, Üsküdar American College, and Izmir American College. A graduate of Tarsus American College, Dr. Argüden has helped to define SEV’s vision and mission as well as its governance systems.

SEV Educational Vision and Values

ABH Schools’ mission is to contribute to the growth and development of individuals who combine self-respect with a firm sense of personal and social responsibility. For this purpose we provide personal attention and support to the individual and encourage learning through participation.

SEV believes that the interests of current and future generations can best be served, shaped and protected by balanced people who have the intelligence, education, and compassion to be of service to the nation and humanity . The nurturing of such individuals requires an education of the whole person; mind, body, and spirit; intellectually, physically, and intuitively, with classroom education being but one element of our education.

We aspire to develop self-respect by providing personal attention and support to encourage a realization of the talents and full potential of each individual. Fundamental to sustained development are the deriving of motivation and inner satisfaction from learning, innovation and creativity; teamwork, self-discipline, patience, and perseverance in work habits; and the humility to learn from others’ experience.

We aspire to develop personal responsibility by instilling a profound understanding of and respect for honesty, altruism, charity, generosity, and integrity; by encouraging frugality, thrift, and simplicity with emphasis on effective utilization of time.

We aim to foster social responsibility and leadership skills in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, in which critical thinking skills, organizational capabilities, communication skills, fiscal responsibility, and individual expression are widely encouraged through active participation in democratic institutions and philanthropy.

We believe the best education to be through example, and our schools strive to create an environment where these values and behavior patterns are recognized as the norm by all members of the school community and applied consistently throughout.