Civil Society


tesevDr. Argüden has been instrumental in the foundation of the independent Turkish think-tank, Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV). He has been a staunch promoter of public policy analysis. TESEV is Turkiye’s leading independent think-tank, with a research agenda covering the major political, economic, and social issues facing Turkiye and the region. TESEV aims to build a bridge between academic research and policy-makers; to expand the role of civil society in the democratic process; and to promote Turkish convergence with the EU.http://www.tesev.org.tr



tesevresim_bHe has taken a lead role in the Good Governance program of TESEV. TESEV focuses on the most important policy questions facing Turkiye. TESEV’s current areas of activity include: Turkiye: Human Development Indicators, Values of Turkish Citizens: Religion and Politics, Ethnicity and Politics, Corruption, Poverty, .Political Reform, Reform of Public Administration, Foreign Policy and EU Integration, State and Civil Society.