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ARGE is the first Turkish signatory of the Global Compact.
KalDer, under Dr. Argüden’s chairmanship became the first
Turkish NGO to sign the Global Compact.
He is the elected chairman of Global Compact Local Networks
and serving on the board of UN Global Compact.

Dr. Argüden was named the first National Representative of Global Compact and served as the chair between 2009 and 2016.
Under his leadership, an innovative Sectoral Deployment and Leveraging Natural Incentives/Allies strategies were developed
with the help of ARGE. The Sectoral Deployment Strategy was later recognized as a UNGC milestone.

As the Turkish network became one of the top 10 in the world, in recognition of its excellence in Communication,
Partnerships and Knowledge Sharing, Global Compact Türkiye won Local Networks 2014 Award.

Dr. Argüden is a founding board member of the Business for Peace (B4P) initiative, Global Compact Türkiye was
among the first signatories of it. Dr. Argüden also helped mobilize many companies to bring the Turkish network
into top 4 countries in terms of WEPs signatories.

ARGE Consulting, as the B20 Knowledge Partner, has been instrumental in bringing UN Global Compact and
Integrated Reporting into G20 recommendations and supported the establishment of World SME Forum.

“This innovative sectoral approach is breaking new ground and has great potential. 
I very much welcome this pioneering work and hope that it will inspire imitation.”
Georg Kell, Executive Director, UN Global Compact, 2000-2015

“Thanks for your tremendous leadership and contribution to the governance of
UN Global Compact that has been absolutely critical to the development of the Networks.”
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Global Compact Foundation

“Under the leadership of Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, Global Compact Türkiye;
- Established an examplary governance structure,
- Recognized nationally and internationally as a role-model,
- Contributed to the global development agenda.
We appreciate his vision, intellect, commitment, and effort for Global Compact Türkiye.”
Melda Cele, Global Compact Türkiye

ARGE is publishing COP report every year periodically. ARGE’s COP reports can be found in Global Compact’s website.

Global-Compact-Turkiye-2015-1Global Compact Türkiye
Milestones & Achievements
global-compact-turkiye-2014-faaliyet-raporuGlobal Compact Türkiye 2014 Activity Reportnational-consultations-turkeyNational Consultations TürkiyeThe-Way-Forward-2014The Way Forward

ARGE Consulting has become the first Turkish company, and KalDer the first NGO to sign the “UN Global Compact”ARGE Consulting has become the first Turkish company, and KalDer the first NGO to sign the “UN Global Compact”CSR 4U News - Irish SME’s see Best Practice CSR in TürkiyeCSR 4U News – Irish SME’s see Best Practice CSR in Türkiye

Argüden with Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary-General
of the UN.
Argüden with Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General
of the UN.
Global Compact Türkiye is a founding member of the
B4P initiative.
Dr. Argüden is selected as the first Global Compact National Representative.

Global Compact Türkiye won Local Networks 2014 Award.Turkish Priorities for Sustainable Development Goals are determined.Türkiye is amongst the
top 4 countries in number of WEPs signatories.
ARGE developed Leveraging Natural Incentives Strategy for Global Compact Türkiye.