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“Why are you always the BEST?” and it is perhaps this sentence by a classmate which summarizes the common feeling of those who know him well.”
Melih Arat, “Leaders of Change” 2001

“Dr. Argüden is a very hard-working, fast-thinking, trustworthy individual who is always true to his word.”
Dündar Aytar, “The Story Behind Privatization” 1995

“I have never known anyone who has both such a wide range of skills and such depth of knowledge and understanding in each.”
W. Walker, RAND Corporation, 1984

“He plans his time well. He schedules appointments in advance and sets aside periods of time when he is working on specific topics. He works long and hard hours, but I have never seen him in a time crunch that could have been avoided by proper planning.”
J. Chaiken, RAND Corporation, 1984

“With his superb academic background and broad experience in both the private and public sectors, he will be an invaluable asset for our continued efforts to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish economy.”
Adnan Kahveci, in a letter written to the World Bank President Barber Conable, 1988

“I interpret the work you have done as pure leadership. To achieve quality, to create value, to be productive, to introduce change, to make a difference by assuming responsibility… These must be incorporated the daily mantra of our country and our citizens.”
Kamil Yazıcı, 2002

“I believe that KalDer is the most influential quality management organization in Europe, and Yılmaz is a serious player on the national scene.”
Bob Stone, President Clinton’s Energizer in Chief for Reinventing the Government, 2002

“You have achieved a ‘management guru’ status, and I congratulate you for sharing your deep experience with your books.”
Bülent Eczacıbaşı, 2007

“You are not only a career idol and a great mentor, but also one of the foremost thought leaders in Türkiye.  During my career at Rothschild I have witnessed first hand the admiration and respect you have gained from all segments of the Turkish business world.  I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity to learn from you.”
Selman Ruso, 2010

“Your work and success has not only transformed your clients, but also influenced the destiny of Türkiye and improved quality of life.”
Ömer Karahan, for the 20th anniversary of ARGE Consulting, 2011

“Your book is a tour de force that comes along only very rarely and reflects the remarkable experiences of many kinds by a well known and widely respected modern day renaissance thinker and leader.”
John H. McArthur, Dean Emeritus Harvard Business School, 2011

“You are a pioneer and truly a productivity miracle.”
Georg Kell, Head, UN Global Compact, 2011

“You can expect to learn something new each time you greet him”
Serpil Yılmaz, Haber Türk, 2013

“You are a marvelous role model for business people.”
Tijen Çidam, 2014

“Your relentless energy and creativity continue to produce incredible initiatives…”
Cengiz Solakoğlu, 2014

“Thanks for your tremendous leadership and contribution to the governance of UN Global Compact that has been absolutely critical to the development of the Networks.”
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, 2014

“You are a ‘new thinker’ and combining that with the ability to make things happen is a rare breed.”
Paul Druckman, CEO Integrated Reporting, 2015

“Just like Peter Drucker, the most important thought leader of his time who continued to strive for the better until his last day,
Dr. Argüden continuously strives to improve quality of life. He demonstrates thought leadership, motivates and enables others to think, to ask questions, and to share wisdom for a better world.”
Murat Yeşildere, Egon Zehnder, 2018


“He has a future ahead of him that should be well worth watching.”
RAND Graduate School, 1982

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