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ARGE Consulting

arge_logoDr. Argüden is the Chairman of ARGE, a leading Turkish management consulting firm, known for value creating strategies and institution building, as well as for its contributions to the development of non-governmental organizations.

Please note that “ARGE” is pronounced as “ARGÉ”, as in the word “CAFÉ”.

ARGE Consulting has helped many institutions develop innovative competitive strategies and win National and European Quality Awards. ARGE has also played an instrumental role in restructuring numerous Turkish and international institutions and in establishing effective human resources systems for managing ten thousands of employees.


ARGE, founded in 1991, is known as one of Turkiye’s three top consultancy firms for its exceptional team of consultants, its well-developed methodology, and experience in a wide range of sectors. ARGE derives its strength from the ever increasing performance of its clients.

ARGE’s basic principles are:

- To add value to the business of its clients,
- To provide the right team of experts for each project,
- To provide solutions that differentiate its clients in the marketplace, with special emphasis on implementation under local conditions,
- To retain its objectivity and independence of its views, and to protect client confidentiality.
Each ARGE consultant is trained one month per annum to keep abreast of the latest developments in his/her field of specialization. ARGE’s experienced consultants are ‘Certified Management Consultants’, ‘Quality Assessors’, and ‘Investors in People Assessors’.

ARGE believes in leading by example and demonstrates its corporate social responsibility, by encouraging all consultants to devote a full day of each week for voluntary work in NGOs to improve the quality of life in our community, at the local, national, and global level. ARGE has been recognized at the European Parliament as one of the best three companies “Shaping the Future” with its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our Mission and Values


To create value by improving management quality.


To be a role model in creating value for its clients and with its contributions to the community.

Values and Principles

Our mission is to create value.

ARGE continuously strives to add value to the business of its clients. We do our utmost to provide ‘the best’ solutions in every project we undertake.

Our most important asset is the trust of our clients.

ARGE continuously strives to add value to the business of its clients. We do our utmost to provide ‘the best’ solutions in every project we undertake.

Our most important asset is the trust of our clients.

ARGE is committed to keeping the interests of the client above all. Protecting client confidentiality, maintaining the objectivity and independence of our views, and avoiding any conflict of interest are our key principles. We demonstrate the same integrity, business ethics, and diligence in our work, in community services, and in our personal lives.

The assurance of our work is the quality of our people.

ARGE strives to attract the best people and to create an environment of mutual trust and team spirit to foster continuous development of its people. We expect each member to demonstrate self respect, respect for others and the environment.

The assurance of our future is our passion for learning.

ARGE supports the development of knowledge, competence, and creative abilities of each team member; and expects them to do so, both on an individual and organizational level. We strive for effective utilization of the ultimate nonrenewable resource, time.

Science and technology are essential in improving the quality of life.

ARGE continuously strives to anticipate the ever changing needs of its clients, and to keep abreast of scientific and technological developments as well as best benchmarks, to meet those needs.

Imagination is the key to creativity and leadership..

ARGE recognizes that its clients need creative solutions and thus strives to develop implementable solutions that differentiate its clients in the marketplace.

The key to success is achieving sustainable improvements in competitiveness.

ARGE realizes that sustainable improvements can only be achieved through teamwork with clients. We believe that our clients’ success will lead to a better quality of life for the community and humanity.