spor-argudenHe has played on basketball teams that won the Turkish National Championships, once among high schools and twice among universities.As the President of the Bosphorus University Sports Club, he organized the first International Sports Fest in 1980, still an ongoing and popular event at the University.He was also the manager of University’s sports activities: supervised a number of university teams and represented Bosphorus University at the Turkish Sports Congress.

He was one of the founding members of the Basketball Player’s Association and the 1896 Bosphorus Sports Club.

During high school and university, he excelled at the 400m and 1500m races in track and field. He currently holds a skipper license for small yachts and also enjoys tennis, golf, downhill skiing, sailing, and playing bridge.


“He plans his time well. He schedules appointments in advance and sets aside periods of time when he is working on specific topics. He works long and hard hours, but I have never seen him in a time crunch that could have been avoided by proper planning.”
J. Chaiken, RAND Corporation 1984